Over Halfway There


It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through 2021. Those who participate in the monthly One Word 2021 Linkup (& Private Facebook Group) were issued a couple of challenges.

Choose 3 days in the next month to sit for a few minutes to pray and/or meditate over what God wants to do with you and your word for the remainder of the year? Use the following prompts to guide your prayer time:

  • Your word and your relationship with God
  • Your word and your relationship with others
  • Your word and your relationship with yourself

Write down any messages you receive. Even small steps in the right direction are still progress. It’s less about what we’re accomplishing and more about who we are becoming.  

We were also encouraged to share our One Word online, with a friend, with a spouse/partner or any other place that seemed relevant. And then share the results with our One Word community.



Abide in My Relationship with God

Based on these posts and the feed back that I have received from God and others, I know that “my” goal of abiding more fully in Christ by the end of 2021 is slowly but surely becoming a reality. What a blessing it has been to discover new and deeper ways to engage with my Savior.

Abide in My Relationship with Others

I have learned that as I abide in Christ, I see others through a different lens. Each person is the treasured child of The Most High God, just like me! The Holy Sprit has been prompting me to pray for my enemies. When I am obedient, miracles happen. Have you ever tried to be angry with or hold a grudge against someone for whom you are praying? It can’t be done! I am far from perfect in this area, but I have learned to recognize when I have acted/reacted in an ungodly manner. Consequently, I apologize quicker, pray more and forgive without being asked. The peace and joy that follows is indescribable.

Abide in My Relationship with Myself

My obedience (as imperfect as it is) has taught me much about God and others. As I learn to better relate to them I also see myself in a different light. To say that this experience has been transformative would be an understatement.


Who I Shared With & Where I Shared It

Online –

I have shared this journey via:


Besides personal conversations, I posted the following on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter:

“Do you have ONE WORD that you are focusing on for 2021?
What is it? Why did you choose it? My word is ABIDE! It has been quite a journey!!” I then asked follow-up questions for clarification.

Do any of these unedited responses resonate with you?

  • MH – Heal (My country is so divided, and it is only getting worse.)
  • WD – Others (I have to actively, intentionally think about the individual near me. How do I connect? Remind myself it’s not about me)
  • AWB – Trust (I worry way too much!)
  • DN – 👍
  • MF – Confident (I’m always smashed the way God reveals a new word of the year and then all the messages through that word.)
  • RLH – Love (The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit!! Romans 5:5 & 1 JOHN 4 God is love.)


Did you accept any of the challenges? How did it go? If you didn’t participate, you can do so today!

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