On the Road Again

My sister-in-law and I have been planning a roadtrip to Cincinnati for a foodie adventure. I’m looking forward to spending the next couple of days introducing her to the local cuisine and seeing the sights of my original hometown.

The drive from my house in Chicagoland to my mom’s in Greater Cincinnati is about 6 ½ hours (without traffic). I’m praying for clear roads & no rain.

Connie will be heading home on Sunday but I’ll be staying for a few more days in Cincinnati to visit with family, do some chores and meet up with some old friends. Fortunately, I will be flying home, so the return trip will be quicker.

I promise to share my Cincinnati Foodie Adventure later in the week. What kind of food do you think we will indulge in?


  1. When in Cincinnati,
    to eschew the best would be quite silly,
    so be foodie you want to be:
    chow down on choc’late chili!
    It may seem an odd marriage,
    cacao pods, peppers and sauce,
    but one who partakes can’t disparage
    a food that’s really, really boss.
    Funny thing, though, ’bout its eating;
    it is tied to provenance.
    To make it elsewhere’s self-defeating,
    and so it seems that common sense
    would lead back, often, to that place
    to taste again a touch of grace.

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