Love Notes Postcards – July 2021


“Remember” was the prompt for the first week. I thought these cards were ideal to match the theme. I hope my temporary penpals LW & SB were blessed by them.

I received this crafty card from LW. I love that she made it by stitching fabric to cardstock


“It’s the most wonderful time…” was the second prompt. I got these post cards while in the Fresno area for my son’s wedding. It was definitely a wonderful time for us!!

These elephants sent by LW have such presence, don’t they?

The cards from SB for weeks 1 & 2 arrived on the same day but according to the postmarks they were mailed a week apart. You gotta love snail mail. 🐌


This is the sneak peak that I posted before sent out my notes that started with, “Can you see…”

LW you have gone above & beyond what I ever expected from this exchange. THANKS 😊.

SB, how fun to get all three notes from you within two days. I would love to hear the story behind Lucy.


And these are some of the bonus cards/notes that I sent & received along the way. Thank you DSN, JL & JC for brightening my mailbox.

For more on Love Notes CLICK HERE

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