Hope*Writers Fall 2021 5-Day IG Writing Challenge


We firmly believe in the value of words, and we believe in sharing them with the world. Investing in your writing can look like journaling a few minutes each day or joining a membership community. Even the few minutes it takes to write an Instagram caption can help you clear the brain fog and find the value in your words.

See the prompts and learn more about the challenge here: hopewriters.com/challenge.

We believe words can change the world, and we think you believe that too.

So let’s link arms, hold hope, and write words that matter — because they do!
See you on Instagram!— your hope*writers team

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In the QUIET of early morning I am gently awakened by my Heavenly Father for a time of prayer, Bible reading and coffee…lots of coffee. If I decide to sleep in, the rest of my day is all wonky & off kilter. Even when we travel I make sure to carve out time with God before anyone else gets up.

How does your quiet time affect your day?


Do you have a particular INTENTION to your morning routine? Other than the obvious of getting yourself and/or others out the door?

My goal is to spend at least an hour in the presence of Jesus in order to set the tone for my day. It’s the best way that I have found to ABIDE in Him.


I have discovered that my morning quiet time is a wonderful time to EXPLORE my relationship with Jesus and the plans He has for my life. As I learn to ABIDE more fully in HIM, new avenues and opportunities are opened before my eyes.

What do you explore in those quiet moments?


By definition, SERENDIPITY is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Therefore since I don’t believe in chance, luck or coincidence it is hard for me to use SERENDIPITY in reference to my life. Instead I would choose words like joy and blessings to describe the wonderful gifts that our Heavenly Father bestows on those who love Him.

What’s your take on SERENDIPITY?


In today’s culture we tend to use the words “wish” and “hope” interchangeably.

Wishing is about childish games & fantasy. Whereas HOPING is about a deep and ABIDING trust in the Holy Spirit’s ability to meet our needs and give us the desires of our hearts.

I choose HOPE.

The week is done. I’ve had some fun. Now it’s time for me to run.


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