Haven in the Cove Series by Elliana Walker [REVIEW]


Lucy Cunningham…

has built a charmed, quiet life in Blue Hill Harbor, Maine. A doting husband, a grown son, and a beautiful restaurant. It was more than she could have ever hoped to call her own.

She had long ago decided to leave her secrets behind her.

That was, until the letter arrived.

Will she be able to reconcile her past choices? Or, will they cost her everything she holds dear?

Read the entire series to follow Lucy’s journey.

Haven in the Cove is a moving feel-good coastal read, perfect for those who enjoy clean romance and women’s fiction.


PREQUEL – This prequel is like peeking behind the curtain into a stranger’s complicated life. 

The formating was a little off but I think that is more due to my e-reader than a fault of the publisher.

BOOK 1 – I am enjoying this “series”. It has a good character development & a cliffhanger. I look forward to getting some of my questions answered in the next installment.

BOOK 2 – Who knows? one day this “series” may be a Hallmark movie or a series on your favorite streaming service.

BOOK 3 – Would you do whatever it takes to help someone you love, even if you have not seen them in 30 years?

BOOK 4 – How do you love someone you have never met? How do you forgive someone who has been lying to you since you met?

BOOK 5The story ends nicely with the happily ever after we are all cheering for. 

But it could have used one more edit to clean up things (is there a DJ or a band at the wedding?)

I received this book FREE from the author, publisher, distributor, or other source. My only obligation is to provide a fair and honest review.

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