A Little Bit of Encouragement

If you are a teacher, know a teacher, or have ever had a teacher, I need your help with a project.

What advice or encouragement would you give to those who are teaching in the covid-19, mask-mandated world.

Thank you for your help.


  1. Remember the kids’ names, and say their names frequently, so they don’t feel like anonymous blobs behind those masks. Most importantly, PRAY for each of them at least once a week. (My time to do that was Saturday morning. I’d get out my roster during my devotional time and pray my way down the list.)

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  2. To my teachers,
    You’re shaping the future leaders of tomorrow in one of the most toughest period.
    Be gentle with yourself and extend grace.
    You’re doing the best you can.
    I appreciate your effort and your role is important to society
    Thank you for your service.

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  3. I’m not a teacher, but I’ve been blessed by several wonderful teachers whom I’m very thankful for, two of them being my mom and dad. The best advice and encouragement that can be given is the kind that applies all the time ~ trust God, follow Him, pray, read the Bible, think for yourself and research, be free and stand up for your rights. 🙂
    Chaya חיה

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