Slowly But Surely

Over the last couple of months I have slowly but surely been picking up some new followers. If you recently joined my blogiverse, I am truly humbled that you found something in my writing that made you want to read more of it.

And to those of you who regularly read and comment, I offer my sincere appreciation. Each interaction makes me a better writer.

I pray that our interaction challenges you to ABIDE more in Christ each day.

Can I ask you a question?

What can I do to become a better writer?

I welcome all honest feedback!



  1. You’re a great writer, Barb, with an effective conversational style and great content. One thing that may help you as a blogger is to share a monthly publication schedule. CG Thelen at 140characterchristian does this to help his readers know what to expect. For instance, for you this might mean reminding your readers that six word stories are always on Mondays, book reviews on Tuesdays, etc. You probably already follow a schedule like this, but do your readers know? I enjoy all your posts, but I don’t always know what’s coming when.

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  2. We are all learning Barb and I am still reading your posts regularly because of your open honesty. My advice on writing, both to myself and to others is – listen to God more closely, write from the heart more honestly and then edit from the mind more ruthlessly! –Boy oh boy do I hate editing, but I know that it is God’s tool to help me mature as a writer. Have a good week end and keep going!

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  3. Barb, I violate all the common wisdom about growing a readership. But a growing relationship with Jesus is hard to keep under wraps. Your’s comes through and keeps your readers coming back. Still, the way is narrow, and few there be that find it.

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  4. You already have an excellent style of your own, which serves God well. My only suggestion to all Christian writers is to write what He wants; pray for guidance and pray while you write. I thank you for your service to our Father, your words bless me often. May He guide and bless you each day Barbara.

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