6 Word Poetry #47

I will share new six-word poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog. Enjoy this week’s offerings.


So many chores … so little time! ⌛

Coffee or tea, a happy me ☕

Jesus – the reason for the season 💖

Loving and serving my Savior forever. 🙌

We are weak. He is strong. – David’s Daily Dose

His grace covers all our sin.?*

In the library, but it’s scary. – My life,My Story, My walk with Christ.

Spider webs and shadows are everywhere.*

Books that won’t help in exams – MLMSMWWC

Endless hours of stories to read 📚*

Hope breaks the chains of despair. – I Love the Psalms

Joy replaces sorrow when we believe. *

Father sent Him,
The Spirit enabled! – Devotional Treasures

…Now to just trust & obey*

We are led, by His Spirit – HERRY CHIC COUNSELS

What a glorious path to follow.*


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


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