What a Year it Has Been!

My One-Word for 2021 was ABIDE.

First, I want to thank Lisa Burgess for hosting the One Word Online Community. Her creativity and pointed questions helped keep me moving forward in 2021.

I also want to thank each of my fellow participants for your honest feedback and probing questions as I wrote about my experiences. Being in this community makes each of us better.

To wrap-up the year Lisa posed the following:

1. Rate Your Word – What star rating would you give your One Word 2021 from 1-Lowest to 5-Highest (by whatever measure you want to use)? Why?


I chose this rating because God showed me over and over again how ABIDING in Him can and will improve every other area of ones life.

2. Frequency – How often did you see your Word in other places this year? 1-Rarely, 2-Now and again, 3-Often, 4-All the time

4 – All the time

I learned something new at least once a week. Sure, many times these lessons came during my daily quiet time; but I learned just as much from books I read, watching others overcome hardships and my fellow One-Word participants.

3. Applicability – How did your One Word come into play in your life this year?

I can honestly say that having ABIDE as my One-Word for 2021 has changed my life forever. I now know that every decision I make reflects on how well I am following (ABIDING in) Christ. For more on my journey CLICK HERE or HERE.

4. Growth – Did you learn more about yourself through your Word? Yes or no. Did you grow in loving relationships with others because of your Word? Did you move closer to God through your Word?

Yes, I did.

Yes. I have learned so much about how to truly love others like Jesus did


I look forward to seeing how each of us grows in 2022 while focusing on the new One-Word that God has placed on our collective hearts.


  1. I’m getting chills as I read this, Barb! ABIDE was such a powerful choice to begin with, but you really embraced God through it and encouraged us all to ABIDE more in Him too. Thank you for your active participation in our group! I’m thrilled you’ll be part of our 2022 group too.

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