A Year of Gratitude

For Christmas 2020 I asked for a “big glass jar”. My husband lovingly obliged and I embellished it with some items from my scrapbooking stash. The idea was to keep track of ALL the things I was grateful for in a way that was a visual reminder. So, even on the not-so-good or downright miserable days, I was reminded to find a silver lining and write it down on a scrap of paper.

Here’s a link to the initial post from January 1, 2021 when I started the journey. I actually started putting notes in the jar ahead of time because I was so excited to get started.

This is how the jar looked on New Years Eve (yesterday).

I wrote down at least one thing for all 365 days of 2021. I plan to try this excercise again in 2022 because I realized that cultivating an attitude-of-gratitude is vital for my spiritual growth.

How do you manage your attitude-of-gratitude?


  1. Frankly, I’m not managing my attitude of gratitude very well, Barb. I tend to take life as it comes. And that’s why something like your jar could be a good thing for me. I need that visible reminder of God’s faithfulness. Yes, I think of things I’m grateful for, but they vanish with the next existential “pot hole” in the road of life. Thank you for sharing your best practices, and everything else. I enjoy your blog! Happy New Year, and God Bless.

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