Bloganuary – Day 21

Each day of January participants are emailed a thought provoking question that can be turned into a blog post.

If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?


When I think about this question, I mean really pondering all of the possibilities makes my head spin. Having the opportunity to visit any point in time, even in one’s imagination, is quite daunting.

That being said, I would go back to the Holy Land during the time of Jesus’ ministry. Can you imagine hearing the Sermon on the Mount preached directly from His lips? Or having Him place His hand on your shoulder while He prayed over you. What about feeding the multitudes?

Can you imagine cultivating a friendship with the apostles? Or witnessing one of the many miracles that Jesus performed?

Given a choice, I would not want to witness His flogging, scourging, or crucifixion. Even watching the Hollywood version of these events in The Passion of the Christ left me emotional for days.

Are there events in the life of Jesus you would like to witness “live”?

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  1. I think I will still choose to be at this very time in history. Because I hope to have the opportunity to witness His Second Coming without facing death. I alway was kind of thankful that I wasn’t alive in Jesus’ day, because I may have been one of the ones to yell “Crucify Him.” Even though I know that I would be still guilty. I thank God for His tender mercies.

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