1. It sounds like you are off to a great start, Barb! Everyone needs words of encouragement!

    I would be interested in what you eat to stay at 900 calories a day. Congratulations on losing 8.5 lbs on your quest to healthiness! My One Word is intentional.

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  2. Encouragement is a wonderful word to hold during the year. The human brain has a negativity bias and we need to consciously hold positive thoughts for them to stick. I need to memorize some of those Bible verses to help me, those can be a powerful tool. All good wishes for your year of enouragement.

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  3. Mine is “hope.” I’ve actually seen it in action so far. There seems to have been so many losing hope. There was one particular guy who walked into my work every day not looking up, with a scowl on his face. Every morning for weeks, I greeted him with a hearty, “Good morning! How are you?” He didn’t look up at first or even speak back. Until one day, “He mumbled a good morning. The very next day after my usual good morning, he looked up and smiled the biggest smile! I was completely blown away at the drastic change in his countenance! Now, he speaks and smiles the most radiant smile. That, my friend, is hope. Hope restored. Isn’t our God wonderful?!

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