January 2022 Love Notes etc.

For 2022 my word-of-the-year is ENCOURAGEMENT, therefore my participation in “Love Notes” is even more on my mind than in the past.

I participate with “Love Notes” in a couple of ways:

Both offer the opportunity to send encouragement to others via snail mail.

Here’s what happened in January:

Love Notes Fairy
Gift for my favorite teacher. 💕

If you ever think that word’s of encouragement don’t matter, here’s the thank you note that Rachel sent to the fairies:

“My mom nominated me to receive notes from your community. At first, I only got one, and I thought “well, that’s nice”.  But then the letters started pouring in, and I was completely overwhelmed and flabbergasted.

These complete strangers were telling me that I was valued, that my work has meaning, and that they appreciate what I’m doing as a teacher, and that I am making a difference. Reading through each of the notes had me tearing up, because I’ve been feeling so down.

Teaching is my dream job, and I’ve been so disheartened this year, feeling like I’m not doing enough, but these letters are a good reminder that I CAN do this and I AM doing enough.

Thank you so much for the affirming words, and please please please thank everyone on my behalf as well.”

Thank-You x 2 & Wedding Congratulations
Encouragement (the envelopes are puffy because I added a packet of peppermint hot chocolate)
Thank you note that I received. It is so bright and cheerful 😊

Week 1 – Discover…

Love Notes Postcards (2) & Jail Mail
From Abby B.

Week 2 – Invite in the idea…

Sent to Pam & Abby
Handmade card from Abby (front) – pencil & watercolor
Handmade card from Abby (back) – she mailed it in an envelope ✉️

Week 3 – There is beauty…

Week 3 Cards & Jail Mail
A bonus postcard to someone who was feeling left out.


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