6 Word Poetry #57

I will share new six-word poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog. Enjoy this week’s offerings.

NOTE – Due to a variety of issues I completely forgot to post this last week.


Life gets busy. Forgiveness is needed. 🤷‍♂️

Caribou Coffee is still my favorite! ☕

Do sunshine and funerals go together? 💔

Spring cleaning is soon to commence! 🧼🧹🧽

How long will be too long?
Praying for a loved one, here.
Three times six is eighteen, dear. – David’s Daily Dose

Never stop praying, God is working
An honorable endeavor, lifting them ever.
God’s perfect timing, I’m done rhyming.*

Lord’s Day poetry…
Praise His Name! – Devotional Treasures

Worship Him
Sing Praise
Sit Silently*

On His path to your destiny – C. F. Leach at Rhemalogy

What a wonderful thing to pursue.*


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


  1. I hope it’s not too long-let me know! Thanks

    -Your life for mine, You gave
my wretched sins, yes You forgave
Until My soul sees your face,
I abide in that secret place
My eyes will behold Your Light,
Sitting there just at His right
On Your Word, Lord I stand
As I await your healing hand
Though sudden death lurks all about
Lord Your peace will silence doubt
Satan lies and feeds us fear
Yet Our cries You always hear
In Your Word, The Truth reveals
Christ still restores, Jesus still heals!!!

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