Which One?

Happy Monday everyone! ☕️😉

Which one are you?

Which one am I?


  1. I start the day with an extra strong blend which is akin to a mug of expresso, but it gets milder as the day goes on. Often I end the day with either a mint or camomile tea.
    “Hi my name is Alan, I am a caffeine addict!” ☕️

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  2. My husband has three ways to make coffee, regular drip, a krueg and a plunger and even sometimes when we travel he uses coffee bags. Me, I am a tea drinker and I stick to tea bags, easy to carry and make. Ever since we came home from Papua New Guinea he has been tested one coffee brand after another and never seems to be satified with any of it. Happy Coffee Day is every day for coffee drinkers.

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