Treasures of Encouragement – Women Helping Women by Sharon W. Betters [REVIEW]


Encouragement is vital the spiritual health of all Christians. It’s a blessing to both the encouraged and the encourager.

As God’s children, it’s our responsibility to provide comfort to others. But when the need for comfort arises due to tragedy or hardship, we often fail to encourage our friends and family because we feel too awkward or nervous.

In this practical twelve-week study on the power of biblical encouragement, Sharon Betters shows how to harness it to help those in need, even when it’s difficult. We discover that a strong foundation in Christ enables us to step into the suffering of others and show them the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Through inspiring stories, key principles, and ideas for putting biblical encouragement into action, readers will learn that by sharing in each other’s suffering, we can bring joy and contentment to our community and to ourselves.

Is there someone you know who needs encouragement? Are you afraid to get involved, worried that you might do or say the wrong thing? Sharon Betters offers inspiring stories, key principles, and specific examples of how to build up each other―and the church as a whole―through a ministry of encouragement empowered by a secure identity in Christ.


I thought this book would teach me how to be a better encourager but what I found was far better. This 12-week study encouraged me in ways I will never be able to fully express.

I learned how to both give and receive sincere encouragement. I’m pleased that I will have this book for reference as I continue to grow as an encourager.

I would add that having a new journal before starting this journey is a good idea.

There is also a Leader Guide available if you would like to use it as a small group study.


  1. Sounds like a great study, Barbara. These days are so uncertain, stressful, and downright scary, EVERYBODY needs encouragement. But with the Body of Christ encouraging one another, I really believe we can stand out as we reflect the goodness of God with our positive attitudes. And people will be drawn to us, and through us, to HIM. 😉👍

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