The Magical Black Elixir

There are some that are of the opinion that Christians should not drink coffee. However, as far as I can tell scripture does not talk about coffee (or caffeine) at all.

 Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand. What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” – Matthew 15:10-11

Therefore, do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink – Colossians 2:16a

When I am given a writing prompt, I try not to read anyone else’s work until I have at least come up with an idea or outline for my own piece. But today I couldn’t help myself. I read everything that my fellow Five Minute Friday bloggers were writing about COFFEE.

Was it because I have had too much coffee? Not enough coffee? Or am I just obsessed with that magical black elixir?

Now I am not a “purist” who drinks strong black dark roast coffee, that is more my husband’s style. My preference is a medium to light roast flavored coffee paired with liquid creamer. I try to have several types of coffee and creamer on hand, that way I can create a variety of potions to keep me going.

Sharing my heart over a steaming cup of mud is one of my favorite pastimes. Following that logic, it stands to reason that having a cuppa with Jesus would be a high priority for me.

I have my first cup (or two) of java during my morning quiet time. I may or may not have an additional cup or two of joe throughout the day. Now before you get all health conscious on me, yes. I know that coffee is a diuretic. And yes, I offset my coffee habit with 80-90 ounces of water per day.


  1. The only thing I don’t like about my coffee habit is when I get a headache if I withdraw from it. Like you I often have a coffee in my times with the Lord especially in the early mornings when it is cold so nice to have the warmth. Great thoughts Barb!

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  2. There is nowt wrong with a good cup of coffee! I usually have quite a few through out the day, with the strongest dark roast to wake me up in the morning. A recent good find was Galapagos blended coffee, it is totally yummy.

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  3. I’m just so very tired now,
    I guess it’s how cancer is made,
    and I wish I could see how
    Juan Valdez could give me aid.
    I might not give my right arm,
    but for sure I’d give a lot
    to stop this enervating harm,
    to use that which I have still got
    to help the dear despairing wife
    who now feels so incompetent
    to improve my fading life
    (Lord, she has the best intent!),
    and I wish that I could heal her woe
    with a bracing cup’a joe.

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  4. I grew up in a religious tradition where caffeine was frowned upon. But as you said, coffee isn’t mentioned in the Bible and the jury is out on whether it’s good for you or bad for you–with more evidence that moderate amounts are good for you). I went to decaf about 9 years ago because I didn’t like the headaches I’d get if I missed my morning latte :).

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