The Seven Spiritual Weapons

This book may be 500 years old, but I regularly read a book that is much older than that. I hope my readers will be enticed to read this book as well as other older texts.


by Catherine of Bologna


Oftentimes, while writing and studying my “This Day in Christian History” section I find nuggets that I research along with the other research that must be done in order to bring you, the reader, the most concise information deemed possible. And on such a trek I came across a 33-page book written by Catherine of Bologna entitled The Seven Spiritual Weapons. I have been trying to complete this book for a month but have been constantly distracted for one reason or another. Finally came to the completion today and would like to share some of my hard-pressed discoveries with you. Please note this book was written over 500 years ago.

Although it seems Catherine was writing this book for her many convent mothers and sisters, she also placed a prayer in its Preface that is for anyone who picks up this book…”With reverence…

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  1. Thank you for this book recommendation, Barb, and for sharing the pdf. I look forward to reading the entire book. Have you read, Jesus Himself, by Andrew Murray? It is a short little book full of encouragement and was written in 1892. It is one of the few books I read every year.

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