What Do You See? (#3)

Choose 4 things within 4 feet of you and write for 4 minutes. One sentence each.


Curtains on the bay window are blowing in the warm pre-summer breeze.

Hop, hop, hop goes the fat brown rabbit across my back yard.

Tulips, daffodils & hyacinths should be in full bloom by next week.

Short sleeves, bare feet and no jacket are my new spring wardrobe.


I apologize for missing last week, time just got away from me.

Tammy L. Breitweiser & The Collective are responsible for this idea.

Are you ready to give it a try?


  1. My hostas are coming in nicely. I love the contrast they create in the garden. I see the squirrels have not made it into my container with the blooming phlox. I’m so glad I added the red rock. Wow! The lettuce has jumped up since my last cut. I guess we will be having a big salad with dinner tonight. I’ve gotta get this sage planted and my last 2 strawberry plants, but I’m pacing myself- It’s all in God’s timing.

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  2. My coffee table with two candles, a centerpiece with a candelabra type setting, with glass cups filled with pea gravel.
    Reminding me of God’s table (Psalm 23:5), the light of his Word (Psalm 119:105), his Holy Spirit (Revelation 1:4: Isaiah 11:2), and us the church (1 Peter 2:5).

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  3. What a neat idea!!

    Newly purchased indoor plants give my living room a fresh feel. The dogs however could care less about my decor as they lie asleep on the floor. From the farmhouse bathroom door hangs a cross centered amongst a green leafed wreath. Simple, natural-looking touches to my home remind me that less is more.❤️

    Apparently I’m in a poetry mood.


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