How Do I Do This, God?

Ever since God showed me that my 2022 WOTY was to be ENCOURAGEMENT, I have been on the lookout for strategies and ideas to increase the reach of God’s work through me.

I asked:

  • Who should I be encouraging?
  • What type of encouragement is required?
  • What else should I be doing?

He answered:

  • Find women who inspire or encourage you and tell them
  • Find an older & younger woman to minister to AND DO IT!
  • Find someone who is walking through a season that you have survived and share your story
  • Become a prayer warrior, an intercessor, a world changer
  • Learn to listen more & speak less (don’t interrupt or respond too quickly)

I will admit that some of the items on the above list are easier to accomplish than others. I also realize that maximizing God’s ENCOURAGEMENT strategies will require me to step way outside of my comfort zone. However, if I trust His plan and follow it, I will be unstoppable.

*Photo Credit – Danny Nadar


  1. Very encouraging post! Sharing our stories with others is such a good thing. We learn so much from one another. Life does have many ‘seasons’, and there is a wealth of information that is common to us all at any given time. Great photo!

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