The Soul Winner (Updated, Annotated): How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour by Charles Haddon Spurgeon [REVIEW]


A must-read for anyone who loves God and their neighbor.

As an individual, you may ask, How can I, an average person, do anything to reach the lost? Or if a pastor, you may be discouraged and feel ineffective with your congregation, much less the world. Or perhaps you don’t yet have a heart for the lost. Whatever your excuse, it’s time to change. Overcome yourself and learn to make a difference in your church and the world around you. It’s time to become an effective soul winner for Christ.

As Christians, our main business is to win souls. But, in Spurgeon’s own words, “like shoeing-smiths, we need to know a great many things. Just as the smith must know about horses and how to make shoes for them, so we must know about souls and how to win them for Christ.” Learn about souls, and how to win them, from one of the most acclaimed soul winners of all time.

In this book, Charles Spurgeon discusses:

The role of conviction
The need for holiness in the soul winner
Why simplicity is more effective
How to be interesting
How to pray for the lost
How to deal with failure
The role of discipleship
How to engage others to help

Now in modern English, with additional supporting scripture added in key areas.


Many believers are hesitant to share their faith because they don’t want too lose friends or sound preachy. However, if God is calling you to be the light, it is sin to ignore the call.

“If He calls you to it, He will bring you through it” – Anonymous

If you’re a hesitant sharer, this book will give you the strength you need to step our in faith.


  1. As a believer for many years I found it intimating to speak of Christ. Most of my intimidation was because of the lack of knowledge.
    When we can love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength it becomes an investment to seek him, to want to know more about him. He becomes personal to you, so that when you talk about him somehow he speaks for you.
    I pray that we all fall so deep in love with Jesus, that we want everyone to know him.

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