Two Fun Reads for Back to School

I bought a couple of books for my daughter’s classroom, but of course, I had to read them first.

Dear Miss by Amy Husband

Read Michael’s hilarious letters to Miss as he does whatever it takes to avoid going back to school. But what has Miss got to say? 

If you have a reluctant student in your life, this book may be just the thing to convince them to go to school.

Mess Monsters by Piers Harper

There are Mess Monsters under the bed. When they’re out, they’ll smash, they’ll crash, they’ll bang and clang, stamp and stomp. Most of all they’ll make a mess. But the Mess Monsters haven’t met Mummy yet…

Very few kiddos enjoy cleaning their room. But what if a clean room keeps the monsters at bay? I wish we had, had this book when my children were little.

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