Parenting Scripts: When What You’re Saying Isn’t Working, Say Something New by Amber Lia & Wendy Speake [REVIEW]


You want to say the right thing when your children do wrong — trouble is most parents aren’t sure where to even begin. Parenting Scripts is the much-needed resource for moms and dads who are desperate to speak life to their children instead of defaulting to the same old words and ineffective consequences. Focusing on the most ordinary and yet troublesome areas in our daily routines, Parenting Scripts helps parents to craft intentional and well thought out and prayed over words.

When parents step back to consider their children’s wrong actions, there’s a chance they can plan the right reactions. In the margins of their busy day, Parenting Scripts leads parents to a calm place where they can pinpoint their family’s bad habits and choose better ways of dealing with immature behavior — theirs and their children’s.

Laid out as a parenting book and workbook all in one, each of the thirty-one short chapters includes:

  • Parenting Script – main lesson, complete with a script to try at home
  • Scriptures – verses to apply
  • Prayer Script – prayer to pray
  • Make the script your own – empty pages to write down your own parenting script


This may have been written as a parenting book but the lessons within are applicable many other areas of life such as teaching and difficult work situations.

I am pleased to have been invited to be on the launch team for this book. Yes, my children are adults but that doesn’t mean I am now the perfect parent. It’s never to late too make things right.

I love the the “workbook” & “journal” are incorporated in each chapter. I much prefer this format over having multiple books for a single study.


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