Tacos by the River

As you may recall my friend Stephanie made the two hour drive last month to have lunch at  my favorite Chinese restaurant, Chen’s.

So this month I trekked two hours south to spend the afternoon with her.  I am so glad that Stephanie introduced me to Isidro’s Tamales & Taquira – Kankakee.

At this time they are only open for carry out so we took our food and enjoyed a picnic at Bird Park along the Kankakee River. We shared our entrees and each got a cup of corn (see below). I also brought along a chilled bottle of sparkling juice.

quesadilla de pollo
carne asada taco
elote en vaso
A delicious addition to a perfect afternoon.

I was amazed when I looked at my watch and 2½ hours had passed. I know that I can trust this dear sister with my mess. There will be no judgment. There will be no condemnation. There is only loving support, empathy and friendship.

Thank you for asking the right questions and listening to me ramble. Are you sure we’re not twins separated at birth?



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