Troubled Times?*

I did a modified version of this message at the jail today. The conversation flowed nicely as the ladies shared scriptures that speak to them. I love when God prepares the hearts of these precious souls in advance of our time of worship.

My Life in Our Father's World

(*based on my McHenry County Jail message from 3/8/20)

The Bible tells us that we will always have times of trouble.  Receiving Jesus, as your Savior, does not mean that things will be perfect for the rest of your life.  BUT He is right by your side ready to give you the strength to get through each day.  All you have to do is ask.

I like to leave the ladies with extra scripture references so that they can study on their own or with others. So, for this lesson, we read and discussed some of the following passages pertaining to what God expects of us on the difficult days.

The discussion on this particular day included such things as fear, trust & God’s grace. Those who are incarcerated have plenty of reason to be anxious about their case, the safety of their loved ones, and a myriad of other…

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  1. These ladies really need to hear from you all. You and your team just being there are as big a part of them not feeling alone as much as the message you are sharing. May God continue to bless and strengthen you in His work.

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