6 Word Poetry #86

I will share new six-word poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog.

Enjoy this week’s offerings.


Fully vaxed, I've had four shots

Fall decor is ready for display

Errands done for another week...YAY!

How many cats is too many?


Six words, please. Not a sonnet. – davidsdailydose

It’s Monday morning, I’m on it!*


I rest in His secret place. – ysubb

He hides me under His wings*


Jack nimbly climbed the sunflower stalk
The prize in sight his aim
Reaching long up its full height
Plucked a flower head quite clean

“Come look and see,” husband exclaimed
“He’s grabbed it with his mouth”
Us too slow from laughing hard
Lost pic of Jack going south

With a scamper, a victory hop
Mouth stuffed full with flower head
Jack swished his bushy tail then
Across the arbor fence he fled

Stopping once to taste his prize…
Could the mystery be finally hacked?
Who planted those surprise flower seeds?
Was it our friend Squirrelly Jack? – sherryvycitalyork

I’ll be back soon to reply*

I can’t wait to see this!! – tamweary

Poetry is not really my thing
But weekly, give it a go
Friends who play, they challenge me
To really let the words flow

I have no more to add
To the tale of poor Jack
The story seems to be finished
There is truly nothing it lacks

Should I try another tall tale
Or maybe I’ll go another way
My creative juices are not flowing
Do I wait for another day?

It’s six times four times four
Ninety-six words say so much more
I’ve surprised myself, how about you?
Glad to give sherryvycitalyork her due.*

Great comeback Barb, indeed I’m impressed! – tamweary

And now it’s time for rest*

It is well deserved after that – tamweary

That, Dear One, is a fact*

Yikes! I must have plain forgotten
Response in kind the rule!

Though it might be great challenge
Long words I’ll try to school!

Must, too, count words not meter! – sherryvycitalyork

I do enjoy our wordplay
Rhyming and counting, day by day

Finish now or else, you see
I’m speaking words on bended knee

In the mix is post eighty-six*


“Come unto Me all you weary” – Jennifer Arimborgo

On my way…I’m Mrs. Weary – tamweary

And you shall find My rest! – Jennifer Arimborgo

I’ll relieve and refresh your souls – tamweary

I’m weary, tired to the bone
But Christ refreshes my soul. AMEN.*


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


  1. These responses are clever and clear,
    How could so much be said,
    That with just a few words,
    When so much can be heard,
    Wait a minute, should be read?

    I’ve never been much for poetry,
    Comprehensive with all the of rules.
    Never tried to keep up time,
    As I count it in rhyme,
    Should I go back to school?


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