6 Word Poetry #87

I will share new six-word poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog.

Enjoy this week’s offerings.


Medical procedures can cause great anxiety

The pumpkin patch was a blast

Apple picking yields such delicious results

Time for lunch... protein and veggies


These responses are clever and clear,
How could so much be said,
That with just a few words,
When so much can be heard,
Wait a minute, should be read?

I’ve never been much for poetry,
Comprehensive with all the of rules.
Never tried to keep up time,
As I count it in rhyme,
Should I go back to school? – pcviii03

The challenge is on, my friend
Day to day…with no end
Six words here…six words there
Twelve words somewhere else, oh my
To make it rhyme…oh dear
Is better, oh well it’s clear
I break all the rules here

Monday morning, go to the gym
Jump in the pool and swim. *

That’s good, I’ll let it pass,
After I close you’ll have won.
I am not much for words,
At least not only a few,
But let’s just say I’m done. – pcviii03

Just by playing, you have won
Fall has arrived, Summer is done
Does that mean no more fun?
Nay, it’s time for cinnamon buns.
Days are shorter…no more sun. *


Changing seasons point to the Creator. – davidsdailydose

He paints the land with color*


Be thankful in all things, Amen! – SuzyKazoo

With gratitude comes blessings from God*


Words are cheap,
God is forever! – Alan Kearns

Life without Jesus
No not ever*

Give me patience…oh no! Why? – Alan Kearns

Yikes that’s the most dangerous prayer*


A United Kingdom 🇬🇧 but Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 forever! – davidsdailydose

Friends across the globe…God’s blessing *

God have mercy, save our nations! – Alan Kearns

Come Lord Jesus Come. I’m ready*

Is your bus full for Him? – Alan Kearns

Yes, I carry precious cargo daily*

You and your cargo are both precious sister👍😉 – Alan Kearns (I know this breaks the 6-word rule but sometimes you just have to finish a thought)

🎶 Singing… Jesus loves the little children 🎶


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


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