September 2022 Love Notes etc.

For 2022 my word-of-the-year is ENCOURAGEMENT, therefore my participation in “Love Notes” is even more on my mind than in the past.

Here’s what happened in September

Happy Anniversary to Us


This month I chose 5 different cards instead of buying a new package of note cards.

Christian Mommas

A gift from Dr. Temi at Christian Mommas to show her appreciation for helping launch the CM App.


My Mom, who collects angels, has many health struggles these days. I hope this one puts a smile on her face.
Happy Birthday (x4), Sympathy (x2), Encouragement, & Back to School
I appreciate the extra effort
Happy Birthday (×2) & Happy Anniversary

When you show love to others…

…love comes back to you

Later in the Month

Happy Birthday, Master’s Degree & Anniversary


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