Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace by Terra A. Mattson [REVIEW]


The stakes have never been higher as daughters of every age are navigating a world of hyper-sexualization, social media hangover, extreme loneliness, and a flood of confusing messages. Whether readers desire to know more of who they are created to be or are raising daughters who are just beginning their own journeys, Courageous leads women and those they love through transformation as they experience:

  • confidence in who God made them to be
  • resiliency regardless of circumstances
  • faithfulness to God’s heartbeat
  • bold living through faith-filled risk-taking
  • the joy of finding their voice and then using it for the voiceless
  • vibrant community with other daughters

Crafted with biblical wisdom, professional insights, and personal stories, Courageous explores the core concerns that plague every woman’s relationship with God, self, and others. Terra Mattson invites women and girls to join a global movement of Courageous Girls as they discover an empowered sense of purpose and an identity rooted in God’s grace so they can love and be loved like never before.


When I agreed to review this book I was not aware that it “is a supplement for Courageous Girls groups and is written especially for the mamas who lead and participate in them.”

My son and daughter are both adults and living in other states but I will do my best to give an objective review.

The chapter headings are probably the best way to summarize the book. I don’t know a Christian mom who wouldn’t pray each of these characteristics over her daughter(s).

  • The Reality of Being a Girl
  • She Walks with Confidence
  • She Embraces Holy Crap
  • She Feels to Heal
  • She Tunes in to the Voice of Grace
  • She Knows Who She is in Community
  • She Makes and Keeps Friends
  • She Is Fearless … Almost
  • She Is His Beloved
  • She Dreams … Big
  • She Practices Rhythms of Rest

For more on the Courageous Girls Movement CLICK HERE

I received this book FREE from the author, publisher, distributor, or other source. My only obligation is to provide a fair and honest review.


  1. i think of my 5 granddaughters growing up in this time, in this culture. i need to be more faithful in praying them into adulthood, into spiritual maturity, into a life lived for Jesus. your post is a good nudge in that direction. Barb, thank you.

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