October 2022 Love Notes etc.

For 2022 my word-of-the-year is ENCOURAGEMENT, therefore my participation in “Love Notes” is even more on my mind than in the past.

Here’s what happened in October

Love from Afar

Our friends have temporarily relocated (4 months) to Scotland.  We look forward to reuniting in mid-December.


I love hearing the stories of how the flood of cards from the #lovenotesfairy community blesses those in the midst of struggles.

The First Half of the Month

Raising Funds for a Sick Baby

I was not able to attend the fundraiser for a newborn with serious medical issues so I baked chocolate chip cookies for the snack bar and packaged them in elephant treat bags.  I had to include a soft chenille elephant.  He was a good salesman.


….three days later the precious baby was released from the hospital.


Love Notes Postcard Project [40]

WEEK 1 – “If I knew then, what I know now I would . . .”

I hope AL is encouraged by my response to the Week 1 [40] prompt
Week 1 card from AL – she decorated the envelope and included a “piece of chocolate” 🍫

WEEK 2 –

Week 2 postcard to AL
AL went on a roadtrip & sent me this lovely image from her trip.

WEEK 3 – “you can be grateful for . . .”

Week 3 Card to AL
The art on this postcard makes me smile. Thank you AL.

A Shared Letter

Later in the Month

Happy Birthday (x3), 10th Anniversary & Proud of You
Happy Birthday (x2), Pastor Appreciation (x4), & Praying for God’s Provision

And Then…

Happy Anniversary (x2) & Condolences
A lovely note from a dear friend ❤️

Happy Halloween


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