What Do You See? (#29)

Choose 4 things within 4 feet of you and write for 4 minutes. One sentence each.


The sad, empty box that used to hold goldfish for the trick-or-treaters tells me it is time to begin Thanksgiving preparations. 📦

My laptop is opened to the college website and calling me to register for classes. 📚

Does this cat really love me? Or is he just trying to get warm on this chilly morning? 😽

My coffee cup is empty. Do I get another cup or get on with my day? ☕


Are you ready to give it a try?

Tammy L. Breitweiser & The Collective are responsible for this idea.


  1. The travel mug left on the counter from the previous day of driving to visit family and flog some items that were cluttering up the place.

    The daytime planner that was purchased with hope of finding a career.

    The ever-important cellphone sitting black with sleep and holding the promise of connections.

    The vehicle keys, sitting there in their full importance as a means to escape from, or run towards.

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  2. A large red plastic paper clip waits for the perfect stack of papers. The instructions to one of my latest gadgets is ready to be filed away. One of my favorite coffee cups–Sponge Bob Square Pants– looks at me with a quirky grin. It is filled with coffee, of course. My wife just walked up and looked over my shoulder. “Barb again, huh?”

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  3. A pineapple container full of stevia promising no sugar blues.
    A candle jar next to it that looks like an orange with the message: “Take the lid off and get on fire.”
    My eyeglasses screaming “Clean me, clean me: No wonder you can’t see!”
    My beautiful ficus tree reminding me that the tree of life is ours.

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  4. Just finished breakfast, bacon, potatoes, and eggs, Saturday morning time with my wife.
    Sitting in my living listening to praise music before I begin my day.
    Brotherhood meeting today, looking forward to our building experience, and fellowship.
    End of first full week back at work after a much needed vacation.
    #5) can hardly wait for Thanksgiving!
    God bless

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  5. Those colored pencils haven’t been used in a while. Time to actually schedule a creative afternoon? 2. Need to start reviewing the Hallelujah Chorus for our family sing-along. Can’t wait for the debut of this tradition! 3. The calendar is quite full, but that’s a better alternative than empty. 4. God bless my daughter for her gift of an Ember mug that keeps coffee or tea as hot for the last sip as it is for the first. That was fun, Barb! P.S. Kudos to you for taking college classes!

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  6. I love these posts that you do, just brings a calming sense of awareness for me.😉

    A stack of books sitting upon the coffee table begs me to finish a spelling lesson with my homeschooler.
    A drinking glass half full of water reminds me to look at life on the fuller side rather than the empty.
    My Bible opened to Luke and resting on my lap blesses my heart with thanksgiving for God’s word.
    The howling wind heard through the nearby window reminds me to take notice of the autumn leaves twirling and dancing playfully outdoors.

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  7. 2 computer monitors that are turned off. A bamboo candlestick. Carved wooden giraffe, zebra, an animal print vase, and animal print cut and saucer atop a small bookshelf. A zebra print ottoman with zebra print valances folded on top.


  8. Looking outside, my eyes find the perseverance of one plant holding out against the coming winter surge. Then my eyes return to my dear friend, Sadie . . . an English Lab. My empty coffee cup turns my attention back to the coffeemaker. Will another cup work its magic?

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