Just 90 Minutes

Some days naptime is easy & all the kids are asleep or laying quietly on their cots. And then there are days like today. Only 4 out of 14 kids actually slept. That means, my friends, that 10 of our little energetic balls of fun asked 1,000,000 questions, rolled around on the floor, dumped out blocks & whispered LOUDLY to their neighbors. The upside is that they will most likely sleep all the way home on the bus. In the mean time, I must go put my kicking, screaming & pinching friend back on his cot. Ahh preschool…


  1. Oh goodness, bless your heart! You are a very busy lady! Kids can wear you out like nothing else on the planet. God bless you for taking care of so many at once. Most people couldn’t handle it 🙂 It is a call to love children in this way.

    I hope today is providing you with a bit more peace and calm.


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