Autism in Our Home [REVIEW]

Autism in Our Home: The Making of a Bittersweet Family was written by a fellow blogger Maritza A. Molis, The Autism Parent Blog.

I love reading this type of “parenting” book. I would much rather read the anecdotal style of a parent than sterile prose written by the professional, who may or may not have actual experience parenting.

I admire the way that Molis has approached each diagnosis and roadblock that has arisen in the life of her middle son, Jaiden. She makes sure to have her “Jesus Time” regularly and surrounds her family with a good support system of both medical & non-medical people.

One of my favorite chapters was written by Maritza’s husband (& Jaiden’s step-father), Kevin. His open & honest discussion of what it’s like to be a special-needs dad is refreshing.

I believe that the lessons in this book can help any family who has a child with special needs (not just autism). As with any book of this type, I pray that you are able to glean some ideas to help you and your child.


  1. Ooh, this sounds like a good one! I love reading others’ experiences with special needs parenting, especially fellow believers. I will definitely have to seek this one out. 😊

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