Veterans Day 2020

I usually start my Veteran’s Day posts with an explanation of why we should honor our veterans, but this year is different. Why? Because everything is different this year. COVID-19 has changed things in ways that we could never have imagined. I often feel like we are all stuck in a neverending episode of The Twilight Zone.

For the last 6 or 7 years Crystal Lake South High School has held a Veteran’s Day program complete with the red carpet treatment. Each year, they invite parents, grandparents & other loved ones of current & former students. The day is filled with patriotic songs, heartfelt speeches and lots of love. One cannot attend such a gathering without being touched.

My husband Michael, was in the Air Force and has been invited to this event many times.

This year the principal stopped by our house to drop off a gift and to personally thank Michael for his service. I will admit, a tear may have run down my cheek during the exchange.

Lastly, they created a couple of videos compiled from past programs.

CLS Vets Day Video & CLS Vets Day Gratitude

I love that our school district teaches respect for those who at one time or another signed on the dotted line & swore to protect our freedom, even if it cost them their very lives.


  1. May we always be thankful for military personnel, those who served and those serving today. Remember them before Almighty God in prayer often. Remember the military of other nations, our partners in the cause of freedom. Amen.

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