Enthusiasm – #Write28Days – Day 2

It can be difficult to muster even the tiniest bit of enthusiasim during seemingly endless cold grey days of a Chicago winter.

Nevertheless we do have the occasional day when when the sun shines so brilliantly that you can’t help feeling a little bit giddy. Yesterday was one such day. Just feeling the sun on my face warmed my spirit.

Have you ever experienced the wonder of new fallen snow glistening at sunrise? It is truly beautiful to behold.

Happy Groundhogs Day! May the next 6 weeks bring plenty of sunshine your way.

This post is part of #write28days

#write28days #enthusiasim


  1. Being the first to tread on fresh snow is a precious experience. I used to deliberately put on my walking boots when the first snow fell to seek the fields and hills above our village. Listening to the satisfying crunch of new snow and the twittering finches in the hedgerows always made my heart praise God for His beautiful Creation. Thank you Barbara for reminding me of these things, God bless you sister.

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  2. Absolutely! I experienced snow for the first time when I moved to Colorado. And I was thrilled to see that it glitters in the sun 🙂 Thanks! May you have lots of sunshine too!

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