Sunrise – #Write28Days – Day 5 (& FMF)

Choices at Sunrise

Every sunrise brings new choices.

Will I greet the sun with a smile?

Or, will I begin with a frown?

Each “small” decision sets the course for the rest of the day.

Do I choose love or indifference?

Do I choose joy or mourning?

Do I choose peace or strife?

Do I choose patience or agitation?

Do I choose kindness or animosity?

Do I choose goodness or corruption?

Do I choose faithfulness or treachery?

Do I choose gentleness or imperviousness?

Do I choose self-control or agitation?

Each choice yields blessing or discipline from the Lord.

Dear One, take heart.

Tomorrow brings a new sunrise with the opportunity to choose all over again.


On New Years Day I wrote A Year of Gratitude. I am pleased to report that at least one slip of paper goes into the jar daily. I can say without a shadow of doubt that each note is the direct result of someone making the right choice at sunrise.

This post is part of #Write28Days & #FiveMinuteFriday linkups.


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