My New Favorite Stress Reliever

Over the last couple of years I have been hearing from more & more people about how much they enjoy throwing axes.  Yes you heard that right. People enjoy throwing axes for fun and excercise.

Recently, my husband & I joined that group.  We will definitely be going back to Spartan Axe Throwing.

The staff is friendly and helpful.  The facility is clean & well maintained. But the part that I found the most interesting was that all the participants were married couples.

Have you ever tried it?

Would you try it?

Who would you go with?

Try it, you will like it!


  1. We have an axe throwing place nearby. 🪓 They even have a billboard on the interstate that says, “We throw big axe parties.” Nancy and I need to check this out. It looks like fun! Did you really hit that bullseye 🎯 from far away, or was it a staged picture? Just joking, Barb.😇

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