Reading Goals

Are you a reader?

Do you set a reading goal each year?

I had never done so, until the whole world went on lockdown last year. As a matter of fact, my reading habits had gotten pretty hit-or-miss. As weird as it sounds, I’m grateful that the pandemic reignited my love of reading and I ended 2020 with 124 books read.

I set a goal of reading 3 books a week in 2021 (156 books). To date I have completed 172 books This ncludes some books that are very short, cook books, audio books, and books I read to children. However it does not include magazines or newspapers.

Has it been a while since you set a reading goal?

Are you a reluctant reader?

Why not start with a goal of a certain number of pages per week?

How about reading through the Bible in a different translation than you usually read?

How can I help you achieve your goal?

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  1. Today I combed through the every growing stack of books next to my bedside table and selected the ones I hope to read in 2022. Throughout the year I jot down the titles I read then on January 1st I rewrite the list in a more organized fashion into a reading journal I started many years ago. I usually record the number of titles and allow myself to be pleasantly surprised at how much I actually did read. I usually take a moment to flip back and browse the titles I’ve read in years past. That usually sparks me to dig a book off the shelf and add it to my pile.

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