What’s Coming in 2022?

In the post Slowly but Surely I requested honest input my blog.

First, I want to thank each of you who took the time to respond with encouragement and advice.

It was suggested that I publish my schedule so that you, kind reader, know what is coming. So here goes:

What’s Coming Next?


Should I add the schedule as a consistent reusable block?


  1. Sorry I didn’t see your earlier post but I do like your ideas of an organized schedule. I enjoy your school stories devotional posts and book reviews. I don’t much understand about linking to things as I have never tried that. My only recommendation is just be yourself. Share how God is at work helping you in small tangible areas that your readers will identify with and maybe try for themselves. Have a blessed New Year Barb.

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  2. I like your schedule, Barb. Your posts are always consistent, but now readers are reminded what comes when. CG Thelen, from the140characterchristian, is the first blogger I’ve encountered who shares a schedule for upcoming posts. I believe he posts his schedule once per month, rather than a reusable block. This provides enough “heads up” for me. But, like Pastor Pete said, put your own spin on it, Barb. It’s all good, and you’re making it better! Blessings.

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