40 Day One-Word Lenten Challenge

This challenge was created by Lisa Hite, who is a member of the One Word 2022 Community. I enjoyed doing the activities to focus on ENCOURAGEMENT over the last 40 Days. The list was numbered, but the activities could be done in whatever order the participant chose.

It was fun to have a daily “project” to share with my fellow one-worders.

DAY 1 – Find a song with your One-Word in the title.

Encourage Yourself

Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers

Until today, I had never heard this song, and I’m not sure that I agree with the me-centered message. Give it a listen. Read the lyrics. Your thoughts?

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test
and no matter how you feel, speak the word and you will be healed
Speak over yourself encourage yourself in the Lord

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test
No matter how you feel speak the word and you will be healed
Speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord.

Sometimes you have to speak a word over yourself
Depression is all around, but God is present help
Oh the enemy created walls, but remember giants they do fall speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord

Oh as I minister to you, oh I minister to myself
life can hurt you so, till you feel there’s nothing left

No matter how you feel speak the word and you will be healed speak over yourself

Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and tell yourself you can make it

Speak over yourself

You gotta remember that life and death lies in the power of your own time

Speak over yourself

Even if nobody tells you you can run on you tell yourself hey

Speak over yourself

You gotta remember I’m more than a conqueror

I’m encouraged

Greater is He that’s in me yeah

I’m encouraged

I believe everything that the Lord said about me

I’m encouraged

Everything that enemy ever told me it’s a lie it’s a lie it’s a lie

I’m encouraged

Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

I’m encouraged, I’m encouraged, I’m encouraged, I’m encouraged, I’m encouraged

Speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord.

Written by: Donald Lawrence

Lyrics © Capitol CMG Publishing

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Day 2 – Find a Prayer with your One-Word

Day 3 – Write a cinquain using your one-word

Time for
Lifting up, Building up
Others to demonstrate God’s love

Day 4 – List common phrases that include your one-word

10 English Phrases For Encouraging Someoneespressoenglish.net

Say this when the person is doing well, and you want them to continue. (“Keep up” in this case means “continue”)

Use these phrases after the person didn’t succeed, and you want to help them feel better.

Use these phrases to say that the person is making good progress.

Use this phrase when a person is close to the answer / close to success, but hasn’t reached it yet. “On the right track” means that they are going in the correct direction.

Use this phrase when a person is coming VERY close to succeeding.

The phrasal verb “give up” means to desist, to stop trying – so you can say “Don’t give up!” to encourage a person to continue trying.

Use this phrase to emphasize the person’s ability to succeed. You can say this to a person who has low self-esteem or has difficulty believing they can succeed.

“Your best shot” means “your best try” – so this phrase is used to encourage someone to do their best.

This question is used to emphasize the fact that if the person doesn’t succeed, there won’t be any negative consequences – so they should make an effort.

The phrase “nice job” means that the other person did something good (it is not related to their employment or profession). You can also add “I’m impressed!” if the person’s success surprised you in a good way.

Day 5 – Find a book title that includes your one-word.

I am currently reading Treasures of Encouragement, New Edition: Women Helping Women.

Day 6 – Use your one-word to create an acrostic poem.

E – Everyone
N – Needs
C – Confidence
O – Optimism
U – Understanding
R – Reassurance
A – Advocacy
G – Gratitude
M – Mentoring or
E – Encouragement
N – Now and
T – Then

Day 7 – Find a meme with your one-word


Day 8 – Find pictures that symbolize your one-word

Day 9 – List the synonyms of your one-word

There are many synonyms of ENCOURAGEMENT; I have listed my favorites below.

Heartening – Cheering – Uplifting – Invigorating – Emboldening – Inspiration – Rallying – Motivation – Shot in the Arm – Prompting – Supporting – Boosting

Day 10 – Find a scripture utilizing your one-word

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. – Hebrews 3:13 NIV

Day 11 – Spell out your one-word using images that represent your word.

Day 12 – What is the shape of your one-word?

I’m not artistic so I used Canva (top) and my friend Vanessa made the other one (bottom)

Day 13 – Write the dictionary definition of your one-word.

encouragement [ en-kur-ij-muhnt, -kuhr- ] noun

1) the act of encouraging.

2) the state of being encouraged.

3) something that encourages

Day 14 – Fill a page with writing your one-word over & over again.

Day 15 – Reflect on why you chose your one-word.

Each year God shows me what my word should be. It all started in 2020 with cultivating an attitude-of-gratitude. Then during 2021, I learned how to abide in Christ. I was not surprised when God asked me to use what I have learned over the last couple of years to become a woman who gives honest bountiful encouragement. The extraordinary thing about this progression is the blessings that I receive as I am obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Day 16 – Write a description of your perfect day living your one-word.


Picture a day where every person that I come in contact with will be able to look back on our “conversation” and feel genuinely loved and supported.

Day 17 – Find a quote in a movie, book, poem, or song with your one-word.

Day 18 – Use stickers to write your one-word.

Day 19 – Make other words using letters from your one-word.

According to Anagram Solver there are 604 words that can be made from the word encouragement. I will be kind and just give provide a link instead of listing them all here

Day 20 – Use Wordsift to create a semantic web of your one-word.

Day 21 – Take a picture of your one-word in the real world.

I couldn’t find the word ENCOURAGEMENT “in nature” so off to Google I went.

Day 22 – Find a podcast that has your one-word in the title

Day 23 – Like playing Scrabble, build additional words off of your one-word.

Day 24 – Search your one-word on Twitter and record your favorites.

One of the greatest gifts we can give others is the encouragement that we believe in them. – @coachdunc23

Correction does much, but encouragement does more. – Goethe – @ninjasniperpon

InstaEncouragements – @InstaEncourage

Day 25 – Use MS WordArt to write you one-word.

Day 26 – Write your one-word in other languages.

Estímulo – Spanish

勉之 – Chinese

עידוד – Hebrew

Isikhuthazo – Zulu

Day 27 – List 22 ways you can live out your word in 2022.

  1. Handwritten notes
  2. Phone calls
  3. Text
  4. Kind words
  5. Hug
  6. Touch on the shoulder
  7. Random acts of kindness
  8. Just listen
  9. Give thoughtful input
  10. High-Five
  11. Cheer
  12. “I believe in you”
  13. Learn about hobbies/interests
  14. “I trust you”
  15. “You inspire me”
  16. Honest feedback
  17. Brag about them to others
  18. Hang artwork on the fridge
  19. Cry with them
  20. Laugh with them
  21. Share blogs and other creative work often
  22. “You are my hero”

Day 28 – Find a picture of a person who symbolizes your one-word.

Dr. John Cheregi and his team have been an amazing source of encouragement to me on my weight loss journey.

Day 29 – How has your one-word impacted your life so far.

I have learned that encouragement displays the mysterious property of multiplication. As I encourage others, unexpected blessings come to me. God delights in showering gifts on those who serve Him by serving others.

Day 30 – If you could gift your word to someone, who would you give it to and why?

I would give supernatural encouragement to my mother. She has lived with chronic pain for most of her life. I pray regularly for her to be delivered from the debilitating pain and depression that comes along with it.

Day 31 – Find a picture of your one-word as a tattoo.

This is certainly encouraging!.
My daughter got this tattoo in remembrance of a friend with chronic illness who succumbed to covid in 2020. It encourages her to keep going even on the REALLY HARD days!

Day 32 – Find a Roman god, Greek god, biblical character or saint that would represent your one-word.

There were no Greek or Roman gods/goddesses of encouragement, and I could not find a biblical character that is known specifically for encouragement. But I did find St. Barnabas, the “Son of Encouragement”.

Day 33 – Using your one-word write a fortune for a fortune cookie.

Platitudes are worthless. Encouragement is life giving.

Day 34 – Find a street, city, town, mountain, river or lake with your one-word.

Day 35 – Search your one word on Wikipedia

The page “Encouragement” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

Day 36 – Sketch a totem pole with images/items that reflect your one word.

I can’t draw but I thought these painted rocks would work just fine.

Day 37 – Write your word using watercolors, finger paint, pastels, crayons, etc.

Day 38 – Think of a jingle or familiar tune (like B-I-N-G-O) and incorporate your one word into the tune.

This was an impossible task so I chose to go another way. Yes, I broke the rules again!

Day 39 – Write your one word replacing one or more of the letters with an object shaped like that letter.

I broke the rules again, but at least I made something…right?

Day 40 – Write a reflection on this 40-day commitment to your one word.

This has been an enlightening way to engage with ENCOURAGEMENT. Not only have these activities caused me to look at my WOTY in new light, but it has also been a reminder to encourage others every day. For that I am grateful.


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