What Do You See? (#4)

Choose 4 things within 4 feet of you and write for 4 minutes. One sentence each.


The three-wick gardenia candle flickers from the coffee table as the scent reminds me of my wedding bouquet with two gardenias (one for Grandma Peg & the other for Grandma Shockey) in the midst of a dozen red roses.

My beloved husband is napping in his chair after a long and stressful week.

On the counter rest the bath bombs, chocolate bar and sweet note from my dear neighbor.

My favorite Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee is cooling in that “famous” pink mug.


Tammy L. Breitweiser & The Collective are responsible for this idea.

Are you ready to give it a try?


  1. My noise canceling headphones, I forgot to put away last night, are on the kitchen table. So is a gift bag full of teacher appreciation cards from my students. My favorite Sponge Bob Square Pants mug sits on a coaster–full of coffee. My favorite Bible, a gift in 1997, is open and at the ready.

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  2. This pot of spaghetti will not last long with these 3 men in the house…ready to divide and conquer!! My youngest Hubie, gave me my Mother’s Day gift early, but I will just wait until tomorrow to unwrap it. There’s a turkey thawing in the sink- I suspect it has something to do with my husband’s surprise for tomorrow. The sun has gone down, I guess I will go ahead and close the blinds now. Have a Good Night Barb and Happy Mother’s Day to You!!😘

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  3. I can’t thank you enough for this exercise Barbara, as it caused me to seek deeper into the spiritual meaning of what I was seeing. The first was two together: My feet on my beautiful multi-colored carpet that has these words on its label: “PALMETTO LIVING” and underneath: “Watercolor scroll multi.” Palmetto’s etymology states it’s “a type of fan-leaf palm” and the figurative use of palm is “victory, triumph.” Ah, the feet company in the body of Christ will have their footing firmly on the Word (water… scroll) with a multicolored understanding and revelation of it, not just a black and white one. Truly, it’s the key to victorious living. Next, my eye viewed my Open Bible on the desk top, followed by a favorite photo of a stairway from earth to heaven with the faces of dogs in the clouds and a little girl flying a kite in the shape of a red heart. Truly, everything that exists is a type and shadow of spiritual realities.
    I know you said “one sentence each, but my carpet said: “That’s just not possible!”
    Bless you dear Barbara, for being so led of the spirit.

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