The Visionary Christian: 131 Readings by CS Lewis & Chad Walsh [REVIEW]


Culled from some of C.S. Lewis’s finest fiction and poetry, this collection of writings explores the eternal truths of Christianity in the accessible language of allegory, fairy tales, dream visions, and science fiction. From his children’s classic The Chronicles of Narnia to the wisdom of Screwtape on marriage, democracy, and heaven, Lewis’s literary imagination and extraordinary insight into the universe and God remain vivid and relevant for all times. The Visionary Christian is testimony to a true man of faith who continues to provide comfort and understanding to Christians around the world.


Whether you’re new to the writing of CS Lewis or a long time fan, this book is for you. It is a cross section of the genres that Lewis employed.

  • Apologetics
  • Allegory
  • “Children’s” Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Science Fiction

It’s all here. Why not check it out?

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