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The bones of this post have been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks but I never seemed to “feel like” writing it. Until today when I saw that the Five Minute Friday prompt for today was “chance”, I knew that today was the day.

So here goes…

There was a time, a few years ago when we didn’t have a car and had to walk or depend on others for transportation. And then recently, I was given the chance to provide the same “service” for others. On one occasion, “Barb’s Taxi” transported a friend to an emergency doctor appointment. And then a few days later a distress call came from a young person who got injured while working out and was too far from home to make it safely.

God gave me the CHANCE to do unto others what had been done for me.

You never know the power in the words that you put out into the world. My 2022 word of the year is ENCOURAGEMENT. God has been challenging me to lift up others with honest feedback, handwritten notes, and spontaneous gifts. Some of the things God has asked me to do have been difficult. However, I knew that I had to just be bold, take a chance and obey.

I took a CHANCE and God blessed me with words of affirmation from those who have been on the receiving end of ENCOURAGING words from me.

Last week an unplanned-tag-team between a fellow blogger yielded amazing fruit.

I took a CHANCE in giving a small gift and it transformed a young mom’s well-being.


  1. Sometimes chances must be taken,
    and a cool heart set afire
    to let God’s love in light awaken,
    not sure what will transpire
    down the road that leads to what
    He has long planned for you,
    for the day that you got off your butt,
    did what you had to do.
    And seeing this, He dances ’round,
    and His great heart expands,
    and that distant thunder-sound
    comes when He claps His hands,
    shouting with a holy glee,
    “That drongo just paid heed to Me!”

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  2. Yes, often God gives us “perfect” opportunities (and answers to our prayers) but they take courage. For sure. How exciting to read that you are following through….and serving as He leads. May He bless you for it (you encouraged me, for sure!)

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  3. I love it when God gives us the chance to bless someone and then we find ourselves blessed in the process. I’m glad you got doubly blessed, Barb. Thanks for sharing.

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