Nadiya’s Delightful Day by Barbar Durham [REVIEW]


Nadiya’s Delightful Day shares a heart-warming message about a little girl’s faith and God’s loving care for His people. Nadiya becomes worried when she overhears her mother talking about a job loss. Although her parents lovingly affirm their trust in the Lord’s promise to provide, Nadiya wonders what she can do to help. When one of her ideas doesn’t end so well, Nadiya begins to pray for her family. The Lord remarkably answers her prayer! Parents and children will be inspired to live out biblical values and put Jesus first in your daily lives.


Yes, my children are all grown up, but I still enjoy reading children’s books.

To me this story affirms how important it is to build a legacy of faith into our children so that they are prepared for anything that may come their way. I love how God uses our children to terach us BIG lessons.

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